The surroundings / Leisure and activities

A site of great natural richness...

Hiking and mountain biking

A hiking path taken by several circuits runs along the campsite.


National Trail Côte d'Opale in Pas-de-Calais: meeting on September 12 and 13, 2020. 14th edition of this nature test, unique in the region.

Remarkable sites around

Mont Couple Natural Reserve
Cap Gris-Nez (at 9 miles or à 19 min of the campsite)
Cap Blanc-Nez (at 7 miles or à 16 min of the campsite)
Cran d’Escalles (at 7 miles or à 16 min of the campsite)
Fort d’Ambleteuse (at 9 miles or à 17 min of the campsite)


- Beach of Wissant
- Beach of Audresselles
- Beach of Ambleteuse
- Beach of Cap Blanc-Nez
- Beach of Wimereux
- Beach of Sangatte

...and cultural


From the 12th century to the present day, the region has known many episodes: from the 100 years war to the second world war. The region is full of sites to visit to understand our history.

La Forteresse de Mimoyecques - Base secrète V3
Musée du mur de l'Atlantique à Audinghen
Musée 39-45 à Ambleteuse
Musée Mémoire 39-45 à Calais
Le Blockhaus d’Eperlecques à Eperlecques
La Coupole à Wizernes
La tour de l’horloge à Guînes

Local markets

WISSANT - Centre village
Wednesday 8h30 - 12h all year / / Friday : 18h - 21h from april to end of september

AMBLETEUSE - Place Vauban
Wednesday 7h30 - 12h all year

AMBLETEUSE - Place Vauban et rue Maginot
Friday 16h - 21h July and August

MARQUISE - Centre ville
Thursday 8h30 - 12h all year

AUDINGHEN - Centre village
Saturday 15h - 18h all year

AUDRESSELLES - Centre village
Thursday 16h - 20h from june to end of august

AUDRESSELLES - Centre village
Monday 8h30 - 12h all year

HYDREQUENT-RINXENT - Place des Anciens Combattants
Saturday 8h - 13h all year


Capoolco : Capoolco is a sports, fun and wading pool. It is also a space for well-being and relaxation as well as a gym. Activities for the whole family, sports or not.
Ferme Pédagogique de Leubringhen : Discovery and visit of the farm and its productions in the Boulonnais, from the fields to the plate with the flavors of milk in ice cream.
La colline aux animaux : The animal hill offers visitors a ride among the animals on a hilly site, a moment of relaxation and conviviality.
The Calais dragon